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Pipe Lifting and Inspection Tools


SMP's pipe lifting solutions save you time and money on the jobsite. These tools eliminate the need to call out a crane to lift up pipe off an I-beam, whether it be inspection work, painting, replacing shoes, or looking for corrosion under insulation. Don't waste time and money waiting for a crane, let the inspection guys lift the pipe themselves. 

SMP Pipe Rack Jack

The Pipe Rack Jack was designed by B&R Engineering out of Belgium to be a compact, lighweight, mechanical solution to a common problem. The Pipe Rack Jack secures and lifts in less than 1 minute and can be carried by one person directly to the jobsite. The Pipe Rack Jack is capable of lifting up to 5,500 lbs.  

The Bobby Jack Pipe Lift

The BobbyJack Pipe Lift is made from high quality steel and was developed right here in the USA. It utilizes a hydraulic jack to lift pipe off of an I-beam capable of up to 12,000 lbs. The BobbyJack is available in custom sizes to fit your specifications. 

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