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Hands Free Tools


SMP's full line of hands-free safety tools increase efficiency and prevent crushing and pinch-point injuries at the same time. These tools are designed to be like an extra pair of hands that can do a job safely, without risking worker hand injury. These hands-free tools are the most innovative of their kind on the market. 

Lokrite Magentic 
Backup Wrench

The Lokrite hands-free magnetic safety backup wrenches eliminate the need for someone else to have to hold a backup wrench when torquing or breaking out bolts. These tools are hands- free and pinchpoint free to prevent crushing and other hand injuries. The magnets hold the wrenches against the flange and when fully torqued they can be removed simply be releasing the tension bolt.

Hammer Tight Wrench Retainers

The HammerTight wrench retainers are designed to keep a slugging wrench or a low clearance torque wrench, securely in place without fear of flying off and injuring others. These tools thread on to the 2-3 exposed threads outside the nut and the retaining plate keeps your wrench in place. When you have completed a full tightening pass the spring loaded retaining plate allows you to re-index the tool back to the proper hammering position to continue tightening.

Piper Backup Tool

The Piper Backup Tool is a hands-free backup wrench that reacts off of the top of the flange. There is a ball detent that locks the wrench in place on the nut. The tools also feature a tie off ring for fall protection. 

SMP Multi-thickness Safety Chock

The Chock-o-lot multi-thickness safety chock is designed to be used whenever flanges are being spread. With this tool you can create the exact thickness needed and allow the flanges to close down on the safety chock and not a flange spreader. The Chock-o-lot prevents injuries from accidental flange closure when spreading flanges.

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